Founded in 1929 in Valenza, a city known for having highest number of artisan goldsmiths in Italy, by two talented goldsmiths Giusto Zeme and Camillo Repossi. The brand named DIRCE by Camillo Repossi’s daughter Dirce. DIRCE generations began to pour heart and soul into the design of exquisite jewelry creations. From there, collections appeared to shape tradition and style through the decades.

Today DIRCE jewels are recognized as works of art, imbued with the exquisite of craftsmanship and above all, Love. DIRCE lives and evolves around the romantic reflections created by founder Camillo Repossi…always, aligning style and romance to life and the occasion to celebrate love.

Founded in Italy in 1929 by Camillo Repossi and his friend Giusto Zeme. Repossi and Zeme captured the spirit of Art Deco, they created glamorous collectible pieces embellished with precious stones.
During 1939 and 1945: World War II, the production was abruptly halted due to prohibitions in working with precious metals. Repossi continued to design despite constraints, hunger, and suffering. His passion never faltered.
50’s – 60’s
DIRCE’s years and her La Dolce Vita: Repossi invited his daughter Dirce into the studio. She led upon his passing and interpreted the iconic glamour of the La Dolce Vita style. In 1961, ZEME REPOSSI was renamed DIRCE REPOSSI.
80’s – 90’s
Dirce married Mario Verderio, they shared profound love and passion for jewelry design. Their daughter Vittoria graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California, and continued the legacy of DIRCE. Vittoria’s leadership brought international acclaim through collaborations with Asprey & Garrard (jeweler to the Crown of England), and the Italian painter and sculptor Salvatore Fiume. The brand was renamed as DIRCE.
Today, DIRCE adhering to masterful Italian craftsmanship and innovative design, it is also the maison of the brand. In 2016, DIRCE collaborated with renowned jewelry designer Omar Torres for the next milestone of DIRCE jewelry.